Everything Voice Call Manager

Call Manager - Overview

Call Manager provides a comprehensive insight into the call activity across your entire organisation, from identifying call volumes and busy times, comparison of people performance, to infrastructure resource usage.

Reports are available in many formats, providing clear, fully interactive, graphical information, and can be run on demand or scheduled for delivery by email, download or upload.

The reports in Call Manager are clear and intuitive with vivid graphs and tables and can be tuned to give you just the information you need or a full breakdown of every call across every area of the business. 

To access Call Manager, open a web browser and enter https://callmanager.everythingvoice.co.uk/ in the address bar.

Watch an overview of Call Manager below

If you are an existing user, the login credentials will have been emailed to you shortly after your order was accepted. If you are a new user, and have yet to receive your login details, please contact the support team.

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