iOS Mobile Collaboration - Call Handling

iOS Mobile Collaboration - Call Handling

During a call you can navigate your device, open the App and tap Dialpad to come back to the active call.

‚Äč1 - Video

2 - Hold

3 - Transfer. Select the needed option for the list: Contact (choose a contact from Contacts)/ Number (dial a number you wish to call from Dialpad)/ Device (select a device where you wish to pass the call)/ Function key (select FK to transfer the call)

4 - Record a call

5 - Mute

6 - Speakerphone. Tap to switch between audio sources: Speaker/ Handset (iPhone)/ Headphones

7 - Conference (in case there is more than one active call)

8 - Hang up

9 - DTMF

10 - Switch back to Dialpad/ Function keys tabs to make a new call

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