iOS Mobile Collaboration - Settings

iOS Mobile Collaboration - Settings

  • Account: login window
  • Personal: contact details
    • E-mail

    • mobile number

  • Features by call class (Internal, External, Blacklist, Whitelist)
    • Activate class: available for External / Blacklist / Whitelist (activates the class)

    • Call reject: if enabled, you do not receive incoming calls

    • Busy call forward: check the box and enter the number or VOICEMAIL, to enable call forwarding when busy on the phone

    • Unavailable call forward: check the box and enter the number or VOICEMAIL, to enable call forwarding in case of no answer

    • Force call forward: check the box and enter the number or VOICEMAIL, to enable the forwarding of all the incoming calls

    • Call waiting: enable to be able to receive more than one call at a time

    • Mobility with timeout: if enabled, you receive incoming calls to your mobile number after the specified timeout; mobile number must be configured in Collaboration Mobile app Settings -> Personal

  • Advanced:
    • Debug: if enabled, you can collect logs in case of crashes/ issues with the application. Detailed information can be found in Collecting logs from iOS apps chapter of Debugging of Mobile Apps Guide

    • Send (appears only after enabling Debug option): allows sending an email report with the collected logs to Wildix support

    • Use PBX LAN Address (enabled by default): the application connects to one of IP candidates: IP/domain and port 443 if a user did not specify a port on login page or IP/domain:port if user specifies a port on login page

    • Disable SIP mode: the feature is disabled by default. If enabled, call via Direct call is set as default mode for call generation. In this mode application de-registers from the PBX; missed call counter, new voicemail counter and status of Trunk, Timetable, Switch, 3 state switch, Call group Feature Keys stop working; chat and call control/ call generation via remote device continue to work 

      Limitation: If the option remains active for more than 30 days, PUSH subscription is removed for this extension. As a result, user is be able to receive chats. To reactive PUSH subscription, switch off and then switch on again Disable SIP mode.

    • Firewall bypass (beta): the feature is disabled by default. The app uses TURN server located on (used TCP port 443). If enabled in On mode, the app switches audio stream to PBX via external TURN server right away after call was started. If enabled in Auto mode, the app switches audio stream in case it is missing for 5 seconds after call was started 


      • firewall bypass works only on –°loud PBXs and on PBXs with 1-to-1 NAT

      • application supports only 1 call in case feature is enabled

      • switching to external TURN server during conversation in case audio stream was lost (in Auto mode)

    • Ring on Apple Watch: if enabled, you receive incoming call notification on Apple Watch (Apple watch extension)
    • Chat image quality: select one of the image resolutions (High/ Standard/ Low) to compress or improve quality of pictures/ photos before sending

    • Save chat images to gallery (enabled by default): allows saving images from chat sessions on the phone by tapping on it

    • Convert heic to jpeg (enabled by default): allows converting of .heic images into jpeg

    • Give Feedback: provide customer feedback
  • About: Info about App version and developer

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