iOS Mobile Collaboration - Transfer a Call

iOS Mobile Collaboration - Transfer a Call

Blind transfer:

(transfer without notification)

  1. Tap Transfer button during a call
  2. Tap Contact to select a number from the phonebook or Number to manually enter the number
  3. Select a contact and tap the number / enter the number and tap the green Handset button

Attended transfer:

(transfer with notification)

  1. Tap New call button during a call
  2. Make a new call (select a contact from Contacts or dial the number manually)
  3. Wait till the other party answers (the previous call is now on hold)
  4. Tap Transfer button and select the call on hold to complete the transfer

Transfer via Function keys

Transfer option via Function keys "Colleague", "Park Orbit" and "Speed dial" is available:

  1. Tap Dialpad and select Function keys to switch to Function keys menu
  2. Select the function key to transfer a call
  3. Tap Transfer for blind transfer, otherwise tap Call to start a call first (attended transfer)


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