Unify - CP200 Conference Calling

Unify - CP200 Conference Calling

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    • Unify - CP200 How to answer a call

      To answer a Call: Lift the handset For handsfree mode: press the speaker key or if headset is connected: press the headset key
    • Unify - CP200 How to end a call

      To end a call, Hang up the receiver To end a handsfree call, press the lit speaker key If using a headset, press the lit headset key to end the call
    • Wildix - Creating a conference

      Press New Soft key during a call (active call is put on hold) Make a second call to the contact you wish to invite to the conference call When the third party responds, press Conf Soft key Press Split Soft key to split the two calls or hang up to end ...
    • Unify - CP200 & CP205 Overview

      The OpenScape Desk Phone CP200/CP205 is an uncompromising value phone for easy entry into VoIP telephony. It has a headset socket and four programmable function keys. The keys are pre-programmed with ‘conversations’,' people ',' forwarding 'and' ...
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