Wildix collaboration - Call management

Wildix collaboration - Call management

Call management

You can manage a call directly from call dialog window: 

  1. 1 - Hang up

  2. 2 - Hold/ resume

  3. 3 - Transfer

  4. 4 - Call recording

  5. 5 - Dialpad / Send DTMFs

  6. 6 - Other (expanded): 

  1. If you have more than one webcam, you can change the active webcam for video streaming in your browser permissions.

  1. 7 - Add tags 

  2. 8 - Add notes, not available for calls between colleagues 

  3. 9 - Call quality (shown only in case of a single call)

  4. 10 - Hide/ display a call dialog window: 

  1. 11 - Mute/unmute your microphone. Mute icon is crossed out by default (flashing when m

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