Wildix collaboration - Creating/editing a contact in the phonebook

Wildix collaboration - Creating/editing a contact in the phonebook

Create/ edit a contact

Note: only users with certain permissions can modify public phonebooks; to enable the option, the PBX admin must add ACL ability "Can" - "Modify public phonebook".

Go to Collaboration -> Phonebook:

  1. Click + in the upper left section

  2. Fill in the fields:

    • Name: contact’s full name
    • Phonebook: select the phonebook to which the contact must belong (it is impossible to add contacts to Colleagues phonebook); it is also possible to select the phonebook in the upper left section of the screen
    • Contact owner: the contact is automatically assigned to a user who creates it (it can be reassigned to another owner). It helps to route calls to assigned owners.

Other important fields (optional):

  • Organization: company name

  • data/images/default_avatar.png image URL: you can upload the contact image on your server and indicate the path to the image in this field (image must be square, otherwise it appears distorted). The contact image is displayed during incoming calls in Collaboration, on WP4X0 and WelcomeConsole

    Format requirements:

    1. PNG only

    2. image size up to 16 kB 

  • Extension: this field is normally used for Colleagues

  • Work / Mobile / Home / Home Mobile / Main: phone numbers of contact by priority

  • Short number: if this field is filled in, it is possible to call this contact via Feature Code 80 Speed dial (Feature codes are defined in WMS -> Dialplan -> Feature codes)

Example: dial 80*3241, where “80” is “Speed dial” Feature code, “3241” is “Short number” defined for the contact

  1. Type of contact (internal / external / whitelist / blacklist): in case contact type is defined, the rules of call features selected in Collaboration Settings -> Features is applied for calls from this contact (it is also possible to define rules for call routing based on call type in WMS -> Dialplan)

  2. Custom ring: it is possible to select a custom ringtone for the contact

  3. Notes: notes entered here are visible and can be edited by other PBX users

    Important: these notes can be consulted only from Phonebook; for contact notes that can be displayed and added to contact during a call.

    3. Click on the Tick icon (Save): 

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