Wildix - Collaboration menu introduction

Wildix - Collaboration menu introduction

Top menu:

1 - Search field with speech recognition and call button: search for colleagues and contacts and perform quick actions from drop-down list: call, chat, send a fax/ Post-It etc:

2 -  Device selection: active device to place and answer calls using Collaboration
3 - More options: access to SMS / Fax Post-It /  Group chat dialog window: 

4 - Video conference: create and manage videoconferences based on WebRTC.

5 - Other tabs of Collaboration:

  1. Colleagues: list of colleagues with presence status and geolocation  

  2. Function keys: monitoring / management of colleagues / features (same as BLF keys of phone) 

Note: this menu becomes visible only if you have configured these keys in Settings -> Function keys
  1. Messaging: active chat sessions

  2. Phonebook: PBX shared and personal phonebooks

  3. History: history of calls (synced with other Wildix devices), faxes, notes

  4. Voicemail: access to Voicemail messages  

  5. Web CRM: allows opening of a web application inside Collaboration. 

Note: this menu becomes visible only if you have configured it in Settings -> Personal -> Web CRM.

  1. Settings: user settings, call features, feature keys settings and more
  1. 6 - Other (expanded):

    1. CDR-View access (if not restricted by license)

    2. Map viewgeographical map with location of colleagues
    3. Edit Colleagues
    4. Show / hide offline users

    5. Show / hide Post-It

    6. Post-It History

    7. Manage PBX: access to WMS (restricted to users of “admin” type)

    8. Screen sharing manager

    9. Open Attendant Console (if not restricted by license)

    10. Outgoing faxes: outgoing faxes queue

    11. Logout: exit Collaboration

    12. Help: link to the Wildix Collaboration guide (this guide)

    13. Version: current WMS version

  1. 7 - User name, extension, location (if available), User status, status message (if available) and a picture.

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