Wildix collaboration - Multiuser group chat

Wildix collaboration - Multiuser group chat

Create a chat room:

  1. Click on More options button -> choose + Group chat from the list: 

       2.Edit the conference title (optional)
       3. Add participants 
       4.Click the Tick icon to create a group chat

Participants receive conference invitation via chat.

Add / remove users:

Only group chat manager can add and remove users. Open the group chat management section by clicking on its title.

  1. Add user: start typing a participant's name/ extension number in the field and click the Tick icon to confirm 

  2. Remove user: mouse over a participant and click on the icon in front of the participant’s name  

Close the group chat:

Only the group chat manager can close the chat.

Other participants can leave the chat room and can join back only after the manager adds them again.

  1. Click on Logout icon in the group chat management section

  2. Click OK to confirm 

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