Wildix collaboration - Settings

Wildix collaboration - Settings

Go to Collaboration -> Settings.  

To apply changes, click Save on each page of Collaboration Settings.


  1. Password: edit your password for access to Collaboration

  1. Two-factor authentication: you can enable 2 factor authentication (2FA), which adds an extra layer of security to your account. In case you enable it, you will have to provide two pieces of information each time you login: your login and password + the code generated by an external application of your choice (Google Authenticator, Windows Authenticator, Free OTP or other). 

  1. Web push: enable/ disable web push notifications (only for Chrome browser). This option is enabled by default for new users:

    1. Feature works if PBX can be accessed via domain with valid certificate

    2. Chrome must be running (otherwise, you receive notifications when you open Chrome)

    3. Web push is turned off after logout, but does not unsubscribe from web push notifications

    4. User who enabled Web push appears as online even when Collaboration is closed

It is possible to answer/ refuse a call in push notification: 

On MacOS:

    1. Press More to be able to AnswerReject a call

    2. To apply this change, it’s necessary to restart the browser after the update

On Windows OS:

    1. Press Answer or Reject directly

  1. E-mail: used for email notifications about new Voicemails, missed calls, unread chat messages, call recordings, fax reports etc

  1. Mobile: mobile number for Mobility extension which allows you to make and receive calls via Wildix PBX using your mobile phone

  1. Language: selected language is applied for Collaboration user interface, system sounds (Voicemail, IVR prompts, etc), WP4X0

  1. Picture: edit picture 

  1. Date format: select date and time format to be used in Collaboration (MessagingHistory pages, CDR-View etc) and on Wildix devices except W-AIR handsets (must be set up on device

  2. Ring only active device: check the box to make only the active device ring (ringer is muted on other devices).

  3. Popup URL / APP: enable the system to open an application / a web page upon receiving / placing a call; click on the question mark to view the prompt 

  4. Dialling hot key: set up shortcut for click2call from applications / web pages (F11 by default). Note for macOS: dialing hot key is available starting from WIService v. 2.11.4. Make sure "Wildix" is added to Accessibility permissions in macOS Security & Privacy settings. 

      1. To enable: install Integration Service from Collaboration Settings -> Extensions and refresh Collaboration

      2. To make a call: select a phone number and press the key combination (external line prefix is added to phone numbers longer than 7 digits which do not start with “+”)

  5. Web CRM: integration with Web applications allows opening of a web application inside Collaboration

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