Wildix collaboration - Web phone

Wildix collaboration - Web phone

Web Phone

Supported only in Chrome and Firefox browsers.

Select active device for calls via web:

  1. Speakers: select audio device for speakers (not supported in Firefox)

  2. Ringing: select audio device for ringtone playback (not supported in Firefox)

  3. Microphone: select audio device for microphone

  4. Video: select video camera for video calls
  5. DSCP QoS (off by default): enable/ disable DSCP QoS parameter which depends on the value selected in WMS Settings -> PBX -> SIP-RTP 

  6. Auto adjust mic: check the box for auto adjustment of microphone level

  7. Autostart: uncheck the box if you wish to disable Web phone from the list of active devices (in case you have other devices registered to your account)

  8. Echo test: click the button to perform an echo test

  9. Enable direct-rtp (experimental): enable/ disable the feature to allow RTP streams to be passed directly between devices.

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