Wildix collaboration - Web phone extensions

Wildix collaboration - Web phone extensions


Extensions and plugins that can be downloaded and installed on PC:

  1. Browser Extension (Chrome browser only): adds a shortcut for quick access to Collaboration from Chrome toolbar (click W icon to show the browser tab where Collaboration is running / to open Collaboration in the web browser in case it’s not running) and click2call (right-click on a phone number or a link on a web page and select Call) 

It is also possible to use the icon to open Collaboration as a standalone application; download the Chrome extension: https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/wildix-collaboration/lobgohpoobpijgfegnlhdnppegdbomkn

  1. Fax Printer: this component allows sending faxes from Windows / Mac OS X applications

  1. TAPI driver (Windows only): component for making and receiving calls via Microsoft Outlook and TAPI enabled applications; also adds support for call generation by clicking on a web page link containing a phone number (URI support)

  1. Integration service (WiService): this component is required by CDR-View, Popup App and adds support for additional features (separate documentation about WIService):

    1. Mac OS X: call generation by clicking on a web page link containing a phone number (support of “sip:”, “wildix:” URI)

    2. Mac OS X: call generation by right-clicking on a phone number and selecting Call with Wildix PBX:  

  • Windows: URI support; call via shortcut (Dialing hot key, configured in Collaboration Settings -> Personal) Note: WiService for Windows requires .NET Framework v.4.0 
  • Note: Native MacOS contacts lookup.

    Integration with native MacOS contacts is enabled automatically starting from WiService version 2.9.9 and higher. Make sure that permissions for WiService is activated in macOS Security & Privacy -> Contacts.

    How to use:

    • Enter MacOS contact's name or number into Search field of Collaboration
    • Select any option (Call, SMS, Show contact etc) from the drop-down list
    1. Screen sharing component: install the component to share your desktop and provide remote access to your desktop

    1. Headset integration: adds support for remote call answer / hangup and volume control from headset via USB connector on Mac OS X / Windows

    Also adds support for Kuando Busylight (https://www.wildix.com/portfolios/kuando-busylight/)

    Important: headset integration component is not compatible with SfB (skype for business).
    Important: if you are using a Wildix compatible third-party headset (Jabra, Plantronics, Sennheiser), uninstall the software provided by the third-party vendor and use Wildix Headset integration.
    • Outlook Integration (Windows only): adds support for Calendar Sync, Presence, click2call, IM, call popup from Outlook

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