Wildix - Logging a phone in (WP410/WP480G)

Wildix - Logging a phone in (WP410/WP480G)

All the Wildix handsets support hot desking - enabling you to work from different desks in your business.

To login to a phone

Dial *99 from the phone (“Login” feature code) and follow the audio instructions:

  1. Enter your extension number
  2. Enter the password (PIN - it is sufficient to enter first five symbols of user WEB password)
    To enter the user password from the phone’s dialpad, take into account the following:
    • To enter any lowercase and uppercase letter, press ONCE a corresponding digit (E.g. to enter A, a, B, b, C or c, press 2)
    • To enter special characters (%, ^, &, etc), press the star key (*) 

      Example: if user password is 4Ag7$Zl@, then you have to dial 4247* 

  3. Dial 1 to use this phone

After a few seconds, extension is displayed on the phone’s screen; the phone is now assigned and can be used to make and receive calls.

If you do not know your password, please contact support.

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