Wildix - Phone settings

Wildix - Phone settings

To access Phone Settings, press Menu soft key from idle:

  • Status: view IP, Mac, Firmware of your phone

  • Backlight settings: set the backlight level of the screen and select the timeout (min - 20 sec, max - 1 hour or Always On) after which the phone's screen should turn off

  • Audio settings: adjust Talk, Tone, Mic, Key, Ring Volume, 

    • Headset Ring Mode: allows you to decide whether ringtone should be played via Headset or via Handsfree when Headset is connected

    • Handsfree sound input: allows you to select the active microphone in handsfree mode when the handset is lifted (either handset's microphone or phone's microphone)

  • Network: access to this menu is recommended for PBX administrator

  • Autoprovision: access to this menu is recommended only for PBX administrator

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